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Getting a consistent message across to all your employees can be a challenge in any environment, particularly if your teams are spread across different offices and time zones. This is where video can be a simple, cost-effective and successful way of delivering consistent internal communication whilst saving time and money on travel costs.

Perhaps your CEO is cascading a business update or, you require video content for an international training programme. Whatever your requirement, we see the bigger picture and create your film in the format you need. You may even want to embed your video in a conference presentation as a quick and easy way of setting the tone for your event.


Getting everyone to your conference or event is not always realistic and, inevitably, there will be a number of people who miss out on the opportunity to attend. This is where film plays an important role. By producing a highlights video for your company intranet site, all your key messages can be captured to help you continue to create momentum after your event.

Consider streaming your conference or business update as a live video stream where your clients or colleagues can watch whilst your event is happening. They also have the opportunity to ask questions, live, making your event more engaging and interactive.


Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, scouring the universities for the right talent for your organisation is always going to take time. Once you’re there, though, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the applicants you’re looking for already have a good idea of how you work, what will be expected of them and how their career might flourish within your company?

A video that highlights the essence of your business should attract the right match for you and deter those that just won’t fit, saving you time, effort, money and a high level of attrition.


Promoting your business these days has so many more channels open to it. Did you know that customers are 63% more likely to buy after watching a ‘how to’ or sometimes known as an explainer video?

A promotional video is the most effective platform for launching a new product or spreading the word about your company brand. As your customer is bombarded by ‘digital noise’ every day, from every direction, your story needs to stand out above the crowd. Video is your quickest route to success and Indigo Blue Productions can help you deliver the story to sell it.

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