A graduate recruitment video can be an invaluable ally when reaching out to find the next generation of talent for your company, or it can fall completely flat. The outcome largely hinges on how the videos are used.

Most major graduate recruiters make use of recruitment videos these days. They have become an accepted part of online and campus-based recruitment. The danger of this lies in companies treating recruitment videos as an obligatory box ticking exercise, and failing to approach them as a strategic tool. With hundreds of companies competing for the same pool of skilled graduates, the best results will go to the recruiters who know what talent they are looking for and how to use video to get their attention.

When planning a new graduate recruitment video for the coming season, start by asking yourself the following strategic questions:

What Is The ‘Profile’ Of The Graduates I Am Searching For?

People are all individuals, but it is possible to group people into broad categories based on their aspirations, socio-economic background, degree choice and spending habits. Your graduate profile isn’t so much the skills you are looking for and what you can offer candidates, but what the worldview of your target candidate is likely to be. Are they motivated by money, by career progression, or by adventure? Are they looking for security or to break the mould?

Consider your corporate culture as an employer, which will be different for an investment bank than it will be for a tech start-up. The best candidates are where there is a clear alignment in vision and outlook with your company. These are likely to be the people who will work hardest and be motivated to stay with your business for the longest time.

What Can I Offer My Candidates That Our Competitors Can’t?

A typical graduate will see dozens of recruitment videos, all populated by people wearing similar suits, working in similar offices, for similar companies. Step outside the box for a moment and look at the key characteristics that make your company different. This may come down to your internal company culture, the clients you work for, or your approach to your services. Get stakeholders from different company departments involved to pin down what makes your business unique. The job of a graduate recruitment video is to portray your programme and your business in an appealing and convincing way.

What Are The Essential Skills And Strengths I Require In My Candidates?

For your candidates to be successful and add real value to your company, they need to have certain skills and strengths. These may include independence, leadership, loyalty, presentation skills or mathematical ability. Every company is different, but the selection process begins with the video itself. Use the features of the video to clearly express what you are looking for from your candidates, so that graduates can select whether or not they fit the bill. This helps ensure that only the most suitable candidates start the application process.

Does My Video Portray An Accurate Depiction Of Our Company?

It is tempting to paint a dashing and glamorous depiction of your company in your recruitment video; sweeping vistas of New York, sparkling modern offices, swanky corporate dinners. How much of this is realistic for an entry-level employee, or someone on your graduate programme? Setting the wrong expectations in your video is going to lead to disappointed and de-motivated graduates, who are unlikely to do well in your programme. Worse still, they may be tempted to jump ship to one of your competitors.

The Ultimate Guide To Graduate Recruitment Videos

Your graduate recruitment video has the potential to raise the profile of your company and help you win over the best talent for your graduate programme. However, to be successful you need to adopt a strategic, marketing-based approach to your content, coupled with creative thinking and great production standards. At Indigo Blue Productions we can help you produce eye-catching, engaging videos that set you apart from your competitors and bring in the best talent for your company. For more information, please download our free Ultimate Guide to Graduate Recruitment Videos, which is crammed full of useful hints and tips. Click here to claim your copy today.

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