We deliver a unique experience to our clients because we come with a unique set of skills and backgrounds

We recognise that running a conference can be a nerve racking experience for our clients. Let’s face it, you are probably organising your event whilst juggling a busy day job.

However, with over 15 years experience in the events industry and 20 years working in Corporate business we believe you are in safe hands and can bring you a vast amount of knowledge and expertise


  1. Our people development team work with you
    Our people development team will work closely with you on key projects. They ensure your core messages reach your audience in the most impactful way to leave a lasting legacy.
  2. We challenge conventional thinking
    We are keen to understand your overall objectives and will challenge conventional thinking and help you to think outside the box. Our creative team love coming up with new ideas.
  3. A seamless approach
    Our production managers work closely with your event manager on all our events to ensure a united and seamless approach. In fact, you will find we are an extension of your team.
  4. Passion and creativity
    We intend for our passion to always come through in our ideas and our work so our clients experience creativity and innovation through our continuous journey to inspire.
  5. Attention to detail
    We run our events and film projects like clockwork. Our attention to detail and pre planning ensures any project runs smoothly on the day.
  6. We work internationally
    We are able to work with you in the UK and internationally, having delivered successful projects for global businesses throughout Europe and film productions, globally.
  7. De risking your project
    It’s important to us that you have faith in our ability to deliver for you. So, as one example, we delivered the 200th anniversary celebration event for the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, managing a 15,000-strong crowd and closing roads for the military processions. All done successfully, hassle-free and with military precision.
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