Organising a company meeting? Try these tips…

One of the common issues we find with businesses trying to hold meetings and events is that they believe that they need to get the date and the venue right first, before they really clarify the message that they are trying to get across. 
So, our advice is to take a moment and read the tips below:


Get your content right first.  Before you even think about the venue, the food, the delegates.  You need to understand the message you’re trying to get across.  You’re about to take a lot of people and time out of your business.  This message must be important, right?


Once you know what it is you’re trying to say, now you can take a look at the kind of space you need in which to deliver the message.  This tip ties in nicely with the delegate experience, because in the end it’s all about that experience.  But, for now, take a look at the way in which you want to get you message across and the kind of ‘spaces’ you need to do it.

It doesn’t have to be the same hotel room that you’ve always used.  We know a lot of interesting spaces that could really enhance your experience.  Details of how we can help are just a couple of clicks away!


The delivery of the message is vital – again tying in with the delegate experience.  Think of this about crafting a story to give to your audience.  We live our lives in a succession of short stories in a longer book.  However, we hear, see or experience those stories, the common thread is still the same.  Engage your audience on a journey and they’ll engage with you.

4.Delegate Experience

Now, we come to the most important part of the whole project; the people you’re inviting! Get them on your side by making the venue accessible, the timing appropriate, the food enjoyable and the delivery of the message engaging!

Is the seating comfortable?  Is the audio visual production engaging?  Have you made the message as easy as possible to understand?  Is the environment comfortable (temperature, no drafts, no distracting noise etc.)  If your veue finding agent isn’t talking to you about the delegate experience, you might want to ask yourselves why not?  Is your event as important to them as it is to you?

iphone agenda

5.Professional Host

To help keep your event running smoothly and on time, you should absolutely consider bringing in a professional host, who has experience and knowledge of the conference market.  They will be able to keep your sessions to time and interact with your speakers and panellists to help them engage effectively with the audience.


Once you’ve delivered your message, your task doesn’t end there.  There is almost always some form of follow-up: Did the delegates get the message?  Were they engaged by the way it was delivered?  Are they doing something different as a result?  Are you?  Always have your goal in mind throughout the process.

You might even want to capture feedback live whilst the delegates are engaged with your message.  We can take you through a range of options that are easy to work and fit most budgets.

Graham Wadsworth

Creative Director

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