Marketing is dead – Long live culture!

…And the culture of your business should be a part of your DNA!

Marketing and Communications for a business has changed.  Telling or showing your customers what you want them to believe about your business is no longer a thing!

Your customers are way too savvy, too sophisticated and will easily see through your attempts to woo them.

They are well-informed and have access to as much information as they need.

The best your marketing teams can do now is to allow your customers to see your personality in good times and bad.

Your audience communications now should be all about the culture of your business and that should be the same from the first advert right through the customer cycle to purchase and beyond.

We live in a world where your customers control the strength and direction of your brand, through a myriad of social channels.  Unless, you have the resources to monitor all social channels and react to them all, it’s difficult for a business to really know how their customers perceive them.  Even then, It’s impossible to control it.

So, how do you ‘do marketing‘ in a world without control?

Well… you ‘do culture‘!  More specifically, you run an ethical company in the best way you can for the benefit of your customer.  You are open and honest in your communication both internally and externally.  If your own employees are massive fans and advocates of the business, then not only will your customers feel that, but any negative feedback the company gets can be outweighed by positive support from your team.  People are willing to accept a company making a mistake, providing they were trying to do the right thing in the first place and they admit the mistake and try to make amends.

If your business culture isn’t angled towards social responsibility and inclusivity, your customers will know about it.

If your business isn’t providing value for money, your audience will talk about it on social media.

If you provide bad service, your reputation will be downgraded on any one of a host of review sites.

Understanding and developing the culture of your business and how it communicates internally and externally is the number one job of your comms team.


If you’re interested in learning more, we are uniquely placed in the industry, to not only help your communications, but develop your values-based culture as well.  It’s a powerful combination!


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