Have you already got enough on your hands?

We bring all our expertise and professionalism from our big conference events to your smaller meetings as well.

When you’ve got the delegate management, your senior team and external speakers to look after, you probably could use a little help with the microphones and powerpoint presentations.  That’s where we come in….

But we can add so much more value than that.

Maybe you want to have a dedicated professional to make sure that all your breakout rooms are set up and your speakers’ presentations are working.  Perhaps, you want to play video and need the sound to be heard.  Or, would you like to really make your evening dinner to shine, with great lighting and some games to help the networking go with a swing afterwards.


So, next time you’ve got a company meeting to organise and would just like a little extra help so you have the security of knowing the sound and visuals will work, then you know where to come.

We look forward to seeing you.

Graham Wadsworth
Creative Director

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