Our objective:

Production of an internal communications video, for EY (formerly Ernst & Young), to be used as an opening to a global training programme aimed at senior managers and directors. The aim of the video was for the leadership team to share strategic business insights, best practice in negotiation skills and demonstrate the importance of consistency across the firm.

Our approach:

Our Producers and learning & development consultants spent time consulting with our client to really understand and challenge the brief and desired outcomes for the film. We examined the target audience and, crucially, established what our clients wanted each audience member to do differently as a result of watching the video. This training programme was seen by the firm and leadership team as an essential part of maintaining a consistent approach, throughout a global workforce.

Our challenge with this project was the mix of experience in our audience. Many of the delegates attending the training would have been negotiating for a number of years and ensuring the message on film balanced between best practice and consistency across the firm was critical. This video would be viewed across five continents and shown at the start of the training and would set the tone for the two day programme.

The result:

We turned this around from filming to an edited product in less than a week.

This is what our client said “Really, really helpful. Really focused on what we’re trying to achieve as an end product. Very Professional, Very quick and efficient to turn things around. In fact – makes my life pretty easy!”


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