There are plenty of different approaches you can take with a student recruitment video. Having seen hundreds produced by companies in many different industries, a lot are quite formulaic, while others are exciting, interactive or arty.

Choosing the right strategic approach to student recruitment videos is about getting the tone right, to attract the right candidates and portray your company in the best light. Working with a video production company, such as Indigo Blue, helps clarify your tactics and create a personalised and highly successful video.

While the field is wide open for creative interpretations and new video styles, there are some ideas that work better than others. The gold standard of any idea is how it succeeds (or fails) in attracting suitable, skilled candidates from among your target audience. Looking at the student recruitment videos of some of the best performing companies therefore gives some useful insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few proven ideas you can try when planning your next student recruitment video.

1) Make The Information Representative Of Your Company In General, Rather Than For Specific Departments

This will give your video wider impact and relevance when recruiting for multiple departments. It also avoids giving candidates the wrong impression in companies where departments are sometimes radically different.

2) Use Real Interviews With Employees To Explain Why Your Company Is A Great Place To Work

Have these take place in situ so that graduates can see what your offices are like. Avoid painting a misleading picture, but use a professional film crew to capture your working environment in the most positive light. If your business is a recognised brand, use the video to show employees working on your key products and services.

3) Explain The Typical Tasks And Challenges A Graduate Recruit May Be Involved In

For instance, will they be meeting clients, creating briefs or just making tea? Emphasise the fun and challenging potential of these tasks, while taking pains to be realistic. Set expectations too high and your candidates will be disappointed and unmotivated.

4) Include Clear Information About How The Graduate Can Apply And What Will Be Expected Of Them

Give recruitment website URL links, set out the recruitment process, give interview hints. In other words, make it as easy and painless as possible to apply. Bear in mind that for most of your candidates, this will be their first real experience of the job market, so set their minds at rest and make them feel comfortable.

5) Explain How Your Company Can Make A Difference To The Graduate’s Life

For example, show what valuable experience the candidate will get from the graduate programme, the potential financial rewards, employee benefits etc. As Millennial graduates often have a highly developed social conscience, you can also demonstrate how your company makes a real difference in the world, such as by showcasing your corporate social responsibility policy.

6) Explain The Skills, Qualities And Characteristics You Are Searching For

Your student recruitment video is your chance to put a flag in the sand and attract people that resonate with your core values and skill requirements. The video is part of your selection process, so define these skills carefully and unambiguously.

7) Showcase Your Company Brand

Clearly display your actual office premises, logo, and well-known projects in your video. Be sure that your video harmonises with the corporate colours, fonts and – most importantly – the messages used in your marketing strategy.

Create Winning Videos To Attract The Best Candidates

Creating an effective graduate recruitment video means striking a balance between content, accessibility and high production standards. At Indigo Blue Productions we give you the benefit of more than a decade of corporate video experience to produce bespoke videos that attract the best talent for your business. To find out more, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Graduate Recruitment Videos, a new e-book full of helpful information you can use to create high-performance videos. You can download the guide for free by clicking here.

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