The million-dollar question is usually not whether or not you need a graduate recruitment video, but who you get to produce it. Some companies are lucky enough to have an in-house film production team to create their videos, but this can be the exception rather than the rule.

The choice usually comes down to hiring a specialist video company or using a marketing agency to produce the video. As a video production company specialising in graduate and student recruitment films, we are proud of the dedicated service we provide. There are a few differences between the approaches taken by marketing agencies and companies like ours.

We tend to prefer a more personal, results-focused approach to recruitment videos, with the script and your talent attraction strategy being a vehicle for your message. However, some businesses prefer the convenience of working with a marketing agency, especially if there is a pre-existing relationship with that business. It all depends on what service works best for you, and which option better aids you to reach your recruitment goals.

The three questions in this article, if asked to all the companies you are considering, will help you make an informed decision.

Specialist Video Production Company Or Marketing Agency?

Ultimately, the important factor is not what kind of business produces your video, but how effective the results are for you. Specialists and agencies both usually have a lot going for them in terms of production quality, although we suggest you check which services the agency specialises in, as they all differ. Marketing agencies can produce some very creative, attractive videos on a range of topics. Many of the most emotive TV adverts and promotional videos have been born in the studios of London’s marketing agencies, for example.

Of course, this doesn’t always guarantee you the best recruitment video, because these entail a specific content strategy for them to be effective. This is where a specialist may have the edge in terms of industry knowledge.

One of the main advantages of working with a company like Indigo Blue is our direct graduate recruitment and development experience. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of running a talent attraction strategy for leading financial institutions and a Magic Circle law firm. One of our directors was formally a programme manager for a ‘Top 10’ Times Top 100 Graduate Employer.

So, we have seen the production of talent attraction videos from both ends of the spectrum and we know what does, and doesn’t work with graduate recruitment videos. We understand your market, your budgetary restraints and what you need to achieve, so are well positioned to create effective videos that help you attract and retain top talent.

So, here are three questions to ask when looking around for your next video production partner:

1) What Services Do You Offer?

Find out what a company provides and how this fits in with your requirements. Ideally the production company should cover the whole filming and development process themselves, so you don’t have to deal with multiple suppliers. At Indigo Blue, for instance, we cover acting, scripting, location filming, graphics, music and production – all under one roof.

As important as what a provider offers is how they interact and communicate with you. The on-boarding and planning process is essential for the provider to understand your needs.

Dealing with someone who knows your industry and speaks your language makes it easier to communicate and establish the mutual understanding on which a successful project is based. A familiarity with graduate recruitment is also an important asset, as it will give the company first-hand knowledge of the graduate video production cycle and typical timescales.

2) What Knowledge Do You Have Of Student & Graduate Recruitment?

A good match will be able to demonstrate proven experience of working on graduate recruitment videos and knowledge of the industry. Everyone involved in your project, from consultants to director, producer and camera and sound operators, should understand your objectives, including the key messages of your graduate recruitment video. This is something we place great emphasis on at Indigo Blue, because student videos are different to other marketing videos. We want your video to look amazing, but it is also essential that your recruitment message remains centre stage.

3) How Do You Calculate Your Quotes?

Ask for a full price breakdown and let the provider justify each cost if required. Specialist video companies typically have smaller teams, a lighter management structure and less elaborate offices, as they are focused on a single service. This frequently enables them to offer lower quotes than their larger competitors, although project fees will depend on how much work is involved.

If you ask for a recruitment video quote from your marketing agency then you may get a discounted rate, but it could still include London weighting. It is important to seek out a realistic and competitive quote, but remember that the lowest quotes don’t always guarantee value, any more than the highest guarantee quality. Shop around for a service that fits in with your company ethos and recruitment strategy, so you get the best return on investment.

How To Find The Best Graduate Video Production Company

To help you make the right choices when sourcing your next graduate recruitment video, we have put together the Ultimate Guide to Graduate Recruitment Videos. This free resource contains useful information about planning, creating and marketing your video for the best return on investment. Click here to download your copy.

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